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#1 2021-12-15 7:18 am

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Personal Information Exposure

Hello guys,

A website forum reported me as a forum spammer in this website after I asked them how to cancel my account in the forum. My personal information has been exposed to internet as a spammer. I asked them fix it and there has been no answer.

If I type my email address in google, shows the public IP address with my email address as a forum spammer. I requested to remove it in the DB and it has been updated but I still see the personal information in google as a spammer. When I click the link, there is no DB info about my public IP in

Can anyone advise me on this matter? I don't want to use another email address.



#2 2021-12-15 9:22 am

Alex Kemp
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Re: Personal Information Exposure

I can find neither the email address, username nor IP address that you used to signup in SFS today within our spammer DB. That is the end of our involvement.

Google takes a little while to update changes, but if you wish for changes there you will need to contact Google rather than ourselves.

The actions that you report that forum as having taken are abusive on the face of it. The only person here that can act on such things is "pedigree", and you would need to PM him to get it seen to.


#3 2021-12-15 11:15 pm

uıɐbɐ ʎɐqǝ ɯoɹɟ pɹɐoqʎǝʞ ɐ buıʎnq ɹǝʌǝu ɯ,ı
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Re: Personal Information Exposure

if it doesn't show here then there is little that i can do now that google have crippled their webmaster tools


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