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New API features

Incase you didn't go digging into the usage page, here is what the new API provides

Version 1.6 - October 2016

Added IPv6 support. IPv6 formats supported
- Full and compressed IPv6 [ 2e80:0:0:0:200:0:0:67cf and 2e80::200:0:0:67cf ]
- IPv4 mapped IPv6 - Hex and decimal [ ::ffff: and ::ffff:0a0b:0304 ]
- IPv4 translatable IPv6 - Hex and decimal [ 64:ff9b::0102:0304 and 64:ff9b:: ]
Please note - IPv6 Gateway suffix [eg %eth0] is not supported
Added ASN data for IP lookups*
Added delegated and country fields for IP lookups*
- "country" is the country that the IP is registered as currently being allocated to.
- "delegated" is the country that the IP was in at the time of the LAST addition to the database. This field is only returned when the IP field queried is listed.
Added support to POST to the API
Support IDN domain names in email address queries. These are converted to punycode and evaluated as ASCII
Email addresses with blacklisted IPs in their domain part will now respond as blacklisted.
Added ability to query email addresses using MD5 of email addresses (using the emailhash field). No email normalization on the server will be performed in this mode so this method will likely produce false negatives on checks with gmail addresses.
Added the &expire=age option. This provides the ability to have API results filtered if the lastseen date is older than the age (in days). If the lastseen date is 90 days ago and the &expire=60 parameter is passed with the query, then a "not found" API result will be returned.
Limited the API results for usernames to avoid excessive false positives. Usernames with a lastseen of over 90 days will not be reported in the API as found unless forced with the &expire parameter over 90.
Fixed json/jsonp results as 503 header wasnt being added when query rate had been exceeded.
Added PowerDNS response format for the http backend [more information to follow]


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