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#1 2012-08-17 8:27 pm

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New feature live - TOR node support

I've just added a new feature to the API, at the request of the TOR hosting community.  This option is *off* by default.

if you add


to any API call, then any listed IP numbers that are known "good" exit nodes (updated hourly) will not be reported as a spamming IP.  Is is for sites that wish to use StopForumSpam but wish to allow Tor access.  While spammers persist in using Tor, I think its one of the most powerful and useful tools that we have to resist Government monitoring.

Bridge nodes, private nodes and "bad" nodes (those that alter http/https traffic etc) will continue to be reported as a spamming IP, if listed and notorexit is used.

If any serial (non-default) format is specified and the exit node is a Tor exit node, then the IP record will include a "torexit" key, with a value of 1

will provide this output ( note: is a listed tor exit node and this is correct at the time of this post)


however, without this parameter, the output of

will produce this response

{"success":1,"ip":{"torexit":1,"lastseen":"2012-02-13 01:35:12","frequency":2,"appears":1,"confidence":6.44}}


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