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#1 2023-02-22 9:15 pm

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I need permission to use "stopforumspam" api on a non-forum?

Hi, i represent a us legal business that working on a project with high chance to suffer spammers attack, recently, in the final development process we have started looking to deal with this problem, we believe that "stopforumspam" api could help us and we can also provide data, but our question is.

I need permission to use "stopforumspam" on a non-forum site?

what is the best option, Public or Reportable ?

Thanks for you help.

Best regards.


#2 2023-02-23 1:09 am

Alex Kemp
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Re: I need permission to use "stopforumspam" api on a non-forum?

Hi csnetwork, welcome to SFS.

Anyone can read-access the API. You do not even need to have an account, so forum/no-forum is not an issue. The one feature to take account of is to make sure that you cache results locally; that is so that you never begin to represent an abuse of this system, else your IP will go into the Firewall.

In terms of posting spammers into the API, then the following are *required*:

  1. You have a SFS API Key.

  2. A spammer has posted spam into your Forum.

  3. You have the spammer Username.

  4. You have the spammer Email Address (qualified as accurate via post-confirmation on account creation).

  5. You have the spammer IP Address.

All the above need posting as one record.

If you are able to fulfil all of the above, then you may add records into the API. Make a note that many folks without a forum have tried to wriggle around these requirements to miss out one field or another, and the answer is always "No" to those requests. There is a reason that we are called "Stop Forum Spam".


#3 2023-02-24 4:18 am

uıɐbɐ ʎɐqǝ ɯoɹɟ pɹɐoqʎǝʞ ɐ buıʎnq ɹǝʌǝu ɯ,ı
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Re: I need permission to use "stopforumspam" api on a non-forum?

using the API is open to all to use any way that they like, as long as they don't resell to others it as their offering.

if you don't want to submit data then you don't need a key (at the moment anyway).

i can't remember the last time I provided data from a reportable key to be honest, years and years, so private is perfectly fine


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