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Papa Parrot
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Please Read the rules carefully before putting any urls in the website field of your profile, if it is a commercial web site, it can be reason to submit to the data base as profile spam, and result in being banned.

We will not permit signature links, website fields or usernames that contain:
• Linking to any form of pornography.
• Any "SEO" type forum or website.
• Any type of "hacking" website.
• Any website or forum that is commercial in nature (selling a product or service).

More details regarding the above here and your acceptance and subsequent registration indicates you have read, understood and will abide by these terms. Failure to comply with these policies will result in your account terminated and your data entered into the spam database.

If the flavour of your website is to sell or promote a product or service, is "SEO" in nature, includes hacking and related agenda, or is of "adult nature", DO NOT link to it unless otherwise previously requested to do so by a member of the SFS team for support reasons.

Posting links, backlinks, SEO or anything else dubious or illegal, in signatures or posts, will result in your account being banned and your details entered into the database. If in doubt, just don't do it. Harsh? Perhaps but this is the last forum in the world that will tolerate forum spam smile


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