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#1 2014-06-30 7:45 pm

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I am migrating and rebuilding a whole lot of sites so it should fit into the "portal". Soon I will check if I can take care of the DNS Blacklist too. But first I would like to make sure that this is really going to work. Since has ipv6-connectivity, I have waited with moving over the blacklist-site there, so lookups for the section "Am I blacklisted" should continue work (even if I noticed that those functions are half working sometimes).

For a week ago, or so, I actually found a solution, based on javascript, jQuery and cross-site scripting that could make blacklist-checks works for both ipv4 and ipv6 in the same time. But I need to test this furthermore before moving everything. Are there someone here, with both v6 and v4 that would like to help me find out?

The URL for testing this is, in that case

If everything works properly, the result should look like something like this:


DNSBL, Proxy/Spam Blacklist -


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