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Completely Lost


I'm not great with php. btw, I'm running phpbb2. But you have some software here on the main site that checks the ip/email/username on your database. I have no idea how to integrate this, and don't know where to start.

However, I have installed a tougher registration system that blocks bots from getting accounts. Yet spam IPs, like this one (Google searching this brought me to Stop Forum Spam), keep hitting my server.

Is there any way, by way of php, I could consult your database for suspect IPs and turn them away? I know that would have to involve .htaccess firstly.
They really are doing relative damage to my bandwidth sad

Thanks for your help. Sorry for being completely illiterate.


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Re: Completely Lost

I'm not great with php.

Would you be comfortable integrating a solution if you had precise instructions to follow, instructing you how to do it? Depending on how comfortable you'd be with following such instructions, CIDRAM might be a viable option for you. It's a package that I maintain, intended to block spammers, unwanted traffic from cloud services, etc, and there's an optional module available for it to communicate with the SFS database. It wouldn't require modifying anything on your forum at all; Just install the package and install the SFS module for it as per the installation instructions, hook it to your .htaccess, and it should (in theory) keep the spammers out of your forum via SFS lookups and such. :-)

Otherwise, I'm sure there are other possible solutions too, and others will likely reply soon enough with any ideas and suggestions they can provide.

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