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#1 2017-06-01 12:10 am

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Can't add SFS API Key

Hi everyone, I am new
I am going to use SFS extensions by RMcGirr83 into my phpbb forum  to tackle the spam problems on my board until project was shelved.

Ive installed SFS extension but I don't see an option where to put my api key generated from

Is there any plans in implementing this, that way I can see my spam totals at ?



#2 2017-06-01 4:40 am

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Re: Can't add SFS API Key

Hi lamtung2710,

RMcGirr83 does visit these forums sometimes, but I'm not sure how frequently, and I'm not sure how long you'd be waiting for a reply by seeking support for one of his extensions here at these forums.

For a speedier reply, if possible, I would recommend seeking support for this extension at the "issues" page for the GitHub repository related to this extension: … pam/issues

Due to that he is "watching" (subscribed) to that GitHub repository, normally, he should receive an email whenever something is posted there, so, he will know when you ask something there, and will likely reply a little faster than if you were to just ask here.

Kind regards,
Caleb M / Maikuolan.

phpMussel file upload protection (v1.7.0, 2018.10.20).
CIDRAM IP blocker (v1.9.0, 2019.01.08).
SFS Mass IP Checker (v0.1.3, 2016.09.10).
IPv4+IPv6 IP/CIDR Aggregator (v1.2.0, 2019.01.09).


#3 2017-06-02 1:06 pm

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Re: Can't add SFS API Key

The API key is only used to submit new spammers to the database.  Querying the API doesn't use the key.  So, if the plugin you're using only queries, there will be no place to enter your API key, and if a spammer gets through and posts spam or spam links to your forum, you'll have to submit them manually if you want to add them to the database.

We need better spam proofing technology - preferably the kind that electrocutes spammers with 50,000 volts 100 amps the moment they click "Post".


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