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#1 2013-11-24 5:05 pm

Papa Parrot
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Attention new members

Recently a couple of new members, and we welcome you to the forum, but recently in some posts ,urls to  their sites were  also posted, the first one, I did not do,or say anything, but then today another new member, posted a question, and that is what we are here for, to answer your questions,  but also included the url to his site, and it really was not necessary, to be fair, I removed those urls, form these posts,..
This is not to say, no one can include urls to a site in their posts, some times it is necessary. I would suggest first post your question, DO NOT include a URL to your site, or another site,  unless asked to, ......or like wise ask first,and explain why you think the url is needed,...
Older members, have been here long enough, usually there is no problem they know what is acceptable and some even have signature links, but this is something that comes with time.
Quite often one can show, a example, of something on another site with a screenshot,..this would be better then posting links posts that are spam,...
If we think a url is needed, you can be sure, one of the VIP members, or a mod, will ask you to post the url, or PM them these details,.. the main thing to remember this is "Stop Forum Spam", and that is what the forum is about,.. not "Promote your Forum or Site",.. there are some forums especially for that, a "google search", will show you these. key words "Promote your Forum "
thank you for understanding, and again, welcome to the forum,..


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