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Proper Use of the SFS Removal System

IMPORTANT: If you are here to request the removal of a specific username/handle, please note we DO NOT remove requests based SOLELY on username alone. Meaning, if neither your IP nor your email address are listed, you are advised to contact the forum administration from which you were denied and request a username bypass. We DO NOT process requests based on username alone. Requests that are submitted based on username alone are rejected.

All removal requests must be submitted in English. Removal requests that are received in any language other than English cannot be processed and will be deleted.

If you have been directed here due to another website's "CAPTCHA" issue, please note that we do not provide nor support this plugin, nor can we help you. Please contact the administrator of the forum where you were denied. Removal requests that seek "CAPTCHA" resolution will be rejected and silently purged.

If you have entered data incorrectly, or wish to remove any entry you have made, please do not use the Removal Form. Instead, please access your My Spammers control panel, find the errant entry and delete as desired by clicking the red icon: delete.png

Please note that we do not provide support, nor will any questions be answered via the SFS Removal System. Forms which have been submitted that contain removal requests will be handled in the order in which they were received*, however any questions within the "Notes" area will receive no reply. Please keep the "Notes" area clear of questions and rich in removal request details. It is helpful if you include the URL of the forum where you were (last) denied.

Before submitting your removal request, please search the database for your details. If neither your email address nor your IP number are listed, you are advised to forgo our removal system in favor of contacting the administrator of the forum where you were denied, as this would indicate you are being rejected via chosen user-name alone.

Before submitting the Removal Request form, please read and understand our Legal, Terms and Acceptable Use Policy.

Forms that are received with "dummy data" entered into the fields and contain questions, comments and/or threats in the "Notes" area will be immediately rejected and silently deleted. In addition, any removal request that includes a threat of legal action will also be entered here, along with all relevant submitted data, such as your full message, your name, your email address and your IP, and/or any combination and/or excerpt we deem appropriate. Additionally (sigh), a submission containing profanity is ill advised and can't possibly be helpful to you.

If you have received a notification email by the removal team, and you have any questions, please do not reply to that message. Instead, copy the appropriate portion in question and post your question(s) here.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns that require a response, please use only these forums. We do not provide one-on-one support, email support or support through the removal system.

If you cannot register to this forum and have questions, please then, and only then, use our Contact Form. Note however, removal requests are not processed nor handled via that form and will be ignored.

Finally, please do not ask who submitted data. The Moderator team doesn't know, we couldn't answer if we did, and it doesn't matter anyway. If an error has been made, we will do our best to correct it.

Please note, that you will not receive an email when your removal is either accepted to denied.  It is a silent process

Thank you!

* (With the exception of Network Administrator requests that contain a large number of IP's. These take more time to process; please be patient. If you are a Network Administrator, you must use your company/official email address. Do not play the Yandex/Gmail/ game with us.)


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